Gate 8

From zero to Global in 30 months.


New brand, collateral and website

Uniquely designed award winning luggage
New global brand aimed at business travellers


The Challenge:

Alastair Callendar is a busy business traveller. One fine day he had a great idea, so he designed a clever technical luggage system (as one does), it’s specifically aimed at saving time for business travellers going through airports.

The bag carries all one needs for a two day business trip and meeting. 


Our solution:

We created and helped successfully launch the new brand – Gate 8. 

Our design references airport visual language, in doing so it seamlessly connects product and purpose. We created a system of icons and typography, these are integrated into the product, promotions and packaging. 

We also created a beautifully simple front end development for the commercial website.

Alastair had a successful launch, within weeks he was in discussion with John Lewis.

Gate 8 bags are now in 30 stockists around the globe.