Changing behaviour in NHS Hospitals in England and Wales…



Internal communications campaign

We created a campaign which changed the behaviour of staff around patents by ensuring they cleaned their hands, it was based upon positive reinforcement, posters and a wide range of supporting material including extraordinarily popular pin badges.

It was one of the largest campaigns ever in the NHS. 100% of hospitals signed up for it (they didn’t have to).
99% said they had seen the posters
84% said the posters made them think about hand hygiene
60% said the posters improved discussion.

In the first year it saved over 100 lives, significantly reduce the danger of secondary infection and was estimated to have reduced costs by around £145m.

Our campaign won the DBA grand prix award and a two CIPR awards.

The learnings and approach has been replicated around the globe.


Medical Error: fantastically successful direct mail

Direct mail & internal communications campaign

Each year about 850,000 patients in England are harmed, or nearly harmed, by their hospital care. It is believed that about half of these incidents could be prevented.

Medical Error is a guidance booklet for junior doctors on preventing and reporting patient safety incidents. Topics covered include:
How to recognise unsafe clinical situations.
The steps to take to reduce risks.
How to learn from things that go wrong.

The campaign was centred around those sledgehammer moments when sudden realisation hits, this can be a can be life changing for Doctors and patients, the images really, really struck a chord…, the brochure went on to describe similar moments that the countries leading had experienced and what to do in similar situations.

Created high-impact photography that demonstrated empathy.
Designed articles as interviews in a magazine style which for the audience made the design relevant and readable.
Produced a handy pocket-size format that fitted into lab coats.

In a post-campaign survey:
69% said Medical Error had been useful
60% said their knowledge of patient safety had been improved
40% had been encouraged to report errors.

The NPSA received over 400,000 reports. Ten times more doctors used the NPSA’s online form than when the campaign began.

The Medical Error Campaign won a CIPR award.